A Sharp Note For All

by Ben and Lenny

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A Sharp Note For All is the first collaborative effort between Ben Rones and Lenny Violet, released under the moniker Ben and Lenny. It is a collection of songs inspired by a wide variety of genres, including rock, blues, and jazz. All songs were co-authored, with Lenny Violet contributing lyrics/vocals/guitars/keyboards, and Ben Rones contributing guitars/bass/drum programming/mixing.


released November 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Ben and Lenny Temecula, California

Ben and Lenny is a collaboration between Ben Rones and Lenny Violet. Equal parts Joe Satriani and the Velvet Underground, this project is a genre-bending excursion to the depths of rock music.

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Track Name: Metal Machine Blues
Track Name: Chain Of Command
war, what is it good for?
absolutely something I don't understand
oh, I'm spinning in circles
living and learning the chain of command
and I'm right on the bottom
left my jacket on top of the van
and it's coming down harder
oh, I just don't understand the chain of command
give us a helping hand
oh, the shooting and killing
it isn't as thrilling as staying in line
you know, I'm starting to think being told what to think
is the way to live life
no more getting together
let's tear 'em apart with the rays in our eyes
oh, the carnage and violence
it's not as exciting as staying in line
and I'm right on the bottom
left my jacket on top of the van
and it's coming down harder
oh, I just don't understand the chain of command
give us a helping hand
Track Name: Betray
Track Name: Transgression
you're welcome to stay here
you're welcome to go
you're thanking your masters
you can kill them you know
you're clipping sheep like a shearer
you're yelling just like a kid
you're screaming, "look in the mirror!"
when was the last time you did?
not quite a violation
not quite a safe haven
not quite a transgression
not quite an honorable mention
I'm sorry for nothing
I'm sorry I'm not
sympathetic and ugly
just got my heart in a knot
you're splitting hairs like a barber
you're sticking just like a smell
you're wishing harder than ever
but you're not wishing well
Track Name: Prehistoric Five
Track Name: Early 60s/Late 90s
looking back on that era
felt like the Beatles in Hamburg
we struggled to capture
what we later would
but we had the most fun
we turned into ghosts, hon
running around with the folks
under Norwegian wood
I'm a loser, baby
I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo
what the hell am I doing here?
why don't you kill me?
maybe those 90s songs
had it right all along
'cause I keep holding on
to a bittersweet symphony
got no self esteem
and my religion's been long gone
there's no rain in my forecast
no wonder in my wall
I can enjoy the silence
what's the frequency, Kenneth?
I live a semi-charmed life
of a man in a box
and it's a heart-shaped box
I alone cannonball
into a possum kingdom
hey man, nice shot
even flow disarms me
come closer, as you are
Jane says I shimmer brightly
I'm the pepper to her salt
I go the distance
sabotage the wicked garden
and the lump on my arm's
been a zombie all along
I fell on black days, mysterious ways
I'm killing in the name
maybe scar tissue's my issue
'cause love ain't what I got
I'm in the early 60s
I'm in the late 90s
it's early in the morning
I've come unstuck from time
Track Name: Eye
Track Name: The Rain Exploded
I'm a taker
I'm a giver
I'm a dyer
I'm a liver
I'm a kidney
I'm a fighter
I'm a lover
I'm a sister
I'm a brother
I'm just kidding
I'm not kidding
I'm an alien
I'm human
I'm the bride
and I'm the groom
and I'm just kidding
I'm not kidding
I am the bitterness
the bottleneck
I'm in between your lips
I'd like to get you on
some truth serum
and hear all of your fibs
pigs were flying out of hell
but they couldn't get out
'cause the place had frozen over
12th of never, no doubt
like a pair of overdue library books
any way you stack it
I'm on the bottom
life's too much, I'm gonna give it a look
but to live it all the way
I can't promise that
I won't crack up about it on the way out
'cause my inner laughter
is starting up now
I'll seal my lips like a good little kiddie
but deep down inside you know
I'm not kidding